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fakta tentang zayn malik

30 Fakta tentang Zayn Malik, ONE Direction.

Hi. I bet semua orang kenal One Direction kan ^^ So I wanna share entry pasal salah seorang member 1D, Zayn Malik. I love his eyesss. Yarabbi. HOT :p

✿ Zayn is officialy SINGLE.
✿ Zayn Malik is part of a band called one direction.
✿ Zayn Malik attended Lower fields primary school.
✿ Zayn Malik Fave song is "Barbie girl" As he says.
✿ Zayn Malik Can play the triangle.
✿ If Zayn Malik had to date one contestant from the Xfactor house it would be Rebecca Ferguson.
✿ Zayn Maliks first job was apperantly a waiter at a family resturaunt.
✿ Zayn Malik is said to be vain even as a baby I Remember Being Err Little Kid.......... I Just Love Being Centre Of Attention".
✿ Zayn Malik Likes Girls Wid Nice Smile "I Luk At A Grls Smile If Shis Got A Nice Smile Den Errr Pretty Much Makes Evrytingels Worthwhile" aww.
✿ Zayn MalikName Is Origionally Spelt Like 'Zain' But He Prefers 'Zayn'.

✿ If Zayn Could be any Animal He'd be a lion RAWRR.
✿ Zayn Malik Spends the longest time looking at the mirror.
✿ Zayn Malik may be flirty, but hes a bit shy in front of the camera.
✿ Zayn is a muslim and proud he'd like to be the first muslim winner of Xfactor.
✿ Zayn has light brown Eyes.
✿ Zayn Malik has a beauty mark next to his lip.
✿ Zayn Malik has a habit of biting inside of his bottom lip.
✿ Zayn left ear is peirced.
✿ Zayn has a six pack.
✿ Zayns Official Twitter Page is @zaynmalik.

✿ Zayn has an Iphone 4.
✿ zayn has a habbit of sticking his tongue out.
✿ When Zayn Laughs He Scrunches His Nose & Makes His Eyes Really Small Apparently Its A 'Bad Habbit'
✿ Zayn Celebrates Eid With His Family Just Like Every Other Normal Boy Would.
✿ Zayn = the human Echo.
✿ ZaynMalik's X-Factor Serial Number Is #165616.
✿ Zayn Only Wore The Cross Around His Neck As A Fashion Statment Not Cause His A Christian He Is Infact 100% Muslim && Proud.
✿ Jay Sean once went to his school and zayn sang for him.
✿ Zayn took the following subjects performing arts and english.
✿ Zayn has 1 older sister and 2 younger sisters.

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